Triston, de vader van Tigri en Alana, op de keuring

Tigri comes from the same litter as Alana and is the second in the row of twelve puppies. She was born on January 23, 2016. Unlike our male Salomon, Alana and Tigri have no known pedigree. They were judged by recognized judges on the Alano day of September 12, 2015. They are true Alanos. The documents from their parents’ breeder also confirm this.

She is completely different from her sister in both physical and characteristic features. Tigri is striped, light brown-black with some white dots. She is skinny and fairly tender but the breed ratios are correct. She has a very thorough hunting instinct and is incredibly fast and agile. She can jump very high and far and moves like a tiger. She can climb trees without difficulty.

In addition, she is an outspoken leader and very dominant. She leads the pack and determines the place of the other dogs. She regularly puts things in order. She needs to be handled a solidly and consistently by her owner and this has worked without problems for us. She is also trained to recognize our voices and follows all orders, albeit sometimes with slight reluctance. At home she keeps an eye on everything; from outside, she follows who is at home and who is not.

It is said that the Alanos dare look into the eyes of the devil, I believe Tigri can do this. Despite her strong and sometimes stubborn nature, she is very affectionate and kind towards her owner and does not deviate one meter from our side when we walk.