De Alano Español

The Alano has a vivacious, dominant character, but the dog can easily be kept in check by his owner. An Alano is submissive towards his owner, if he is a good and clear pack leader. The Alano is a friendly, playful and sporty dog. The evolution of the Alano throughout history makes it a very affectionate dog with his family and the people he knows. In addition, they are very patient and can handle children well.

The Alano is known for its reliability, stability, obedience and the fact that it barks little. If an Alano grows up or is socialized with other animals, then he can also handle them well. The Alano is naturally reserved towards strangers, but can be brought up to deal with strangers differently. Some Alanos interact playfully with strangers, while others get acquainted and stick around closeby (friendly).

The Alano can protect his owner if necessary. He is a devoted, loyal, hard worker who can fight to death with a wild bear, bull or boar. An Alano does not back down until he gets the command from his owner. An Alano is balanced, stable and confident with a high pain threshold. They are protective and strong, but absolutely not aggressive. An Alano is sensitive to the voice of his boss and does not need a hard approach. Like all Molossers, an Alano Espagñol must have a dominant owner who understands the behavior of a dog instinctively.

The character of an Alano is only developed when he is an adult; this is usually around the age of 2.5 years. Because the breed is bred to work in groups, he is social and playful with other dogs. They enjoy a good play and play for fun and not to show their strength. Despite this, an Alano will not clear off when another dog comes into contact with him. Alanos are very energetic, amazingly agile like a feline and can jump very high from standstill, especially during their first years of life.

Many young Alanos tend to chew on stuff. It is useful to teach them to sit in a bench for when you are not at home. The Alano is a real pack animal. It is therefore absolutely advised not to leave him at home alone for days. For people who work all week, he is therefore not suitable. An Alano needs a lot of exercise, does not like to be alone, is very obedient and easy to train. An Alano can also perfectly participate in various dog sports, such as flyball, agility, tracking, but also as assistance dog, rescue worker, etc …

My personal experience with my Alanos is that these dogs sense the mood of people. That is why I use them in my psycho-therapeutic practice as therapy dogs.

As a conclusion, we can state that the most important character trait of the Alano can be translated into the words “versatility” and “adaptability” !