Alano Espagnol puppies

3 females, 2 males

Born 18/4/2022

For all info call Marijke: +32 472 83 18 12

Surrounded with lots of love during their first weeks of life.


Please also take a look at the website of our small kennel elcaminodelalano for more information about the breed, or see description below:

The Alano is a mythical breed, very rare and ancient. The Alano is a breed in itself. It is the basis of the origin of many dogs of the molosser type.

Its balance of character and great sociability (also with other dogs of the same kind) are characteristic of the breed and make it an easy companion to get along with, an exceptional family dog.

There is no health problem to be regretted in the breed which is very robust. Life expectancy is 12-14 years. The Alano is a rustic dog that can live outside without any problems. The Alano needs plenty of space and a lot of exercise to feel good.

Because he does not have a short/flat muzzle and especially drooping lips like the Boxer, he does not belong to the "drooling breeds" and does not suffer from heat/respiratory problems.

He is a persistent dog, dynamic but attentive. Very close to his family, but not intrusive or exuberant. He's not stubborn.

Its strong structure, but lighter/traced than that of the Cane Corso, allows great mobility and capacity for action.

Physically, he is distinguished by an intense gaze and feline looks that are very specific to the breed. His "cat" moves are also famous and recorded, even in the official standard.

He has a great learning ability and excellent working dog skills, combining functionality, beauty and a penchant for effort with an innate attachment to people.