Alana was born on January 23, 2016 to Maria del mar Fojon y Martinez en Manuel Angel Sanmartin Rey, a Spanish family living in Belgium. She is the first born in a nest of twelve puppies. She is predominantly black with brown shades on the chest and legs. Her parents are Triston and Lulu. These dogs were purchased from a breeder in the Spanish region of Aragon.

Alana is very playful, not dominant and has a soft character. She likes to play and swim. She is submissive towards her sister Tigri, who is the pack leader. Alana is very obedient towards her owner, she is trained to follow voice commands and perfectly follows all these commands. She works on our small farm and helps to herd the animals together. She loves attention, likes to be near people and is social with other dogs. It is a real pack animal.

Alana is powerfully built and can run very quickly; rabbits and hares are not safe in our fields. She joined us with her sister Tigri when she was seven weeks old. The upbringing went without problems as well as the potty training.