Salomon was born in Almeria, Spain on September 8 2017 at the Collado del Diablo breeding farm of Sergio Lopez Martinez. According to Belgian regulations, a dog must be four months old before it can be imported. Due to circumstances I traveled to Spain myself to pick up Salomon. That way I got to know the breeder personally and I also saw him at work. Sergio possesses extensive knowledge about the Alano and he works very professionally but especially passionately with his dogs.

Salomon came home on Easter (1 April 2018). Salomon adapts very smoothly, both to us and to Tigri and Alana, and soon found his place in the pack. He is only nine months old, but he is already very big and powerful. With his black-brown stripes and his dark head he is beautiful. Because he is so young, his character is still in full development. However, we can already state the following: Salomon is an excellent guard dog and is very loyal to his owner. Salomon takes a wait-and-see attitude towards strangers, but once he knows the people, he makes contact himself. He is curious and likes to explore. He is easy to raise and listens and responds well to instructions. We follow obedience training with him at the dog school.

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